WEEk 6.

Code Resource from “GOOD” books : Generative Design  / FORM + CODE

What is slitscan? : Example from Processing ()

Long history of slitscan technique : Vasulka (Wrap)

0. Review of For() Function!

Code Example :  Patterns using for() and my own functions!

1. What is OOP? (Object- Oriented Programming)

Check this amazing tutorial!

Class Code Example with my “car”

:: refresh your memory : how to make my ball bouncing?


class ClassName {
// Variable declare : data

//Assign Initial Value

void methodName(){
//Actual Function

void methodName2(){
//another Function

If you want to know more about OOP, try this : Nature of Code/ Particle System!

More Code Example  : 

1. Creating Bouncing Ball for review
2. Basic Class
3. Class with Parameters

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