Art Works

* Computer Vision -> Physical Feedback

– Consider,

 who are you showing?

What are you showing?

Are you showing viewers videos of themselves?

Who then is watching the video of the viewers?

Are you showing them how they are seen by the computer?

How does their movement translate into data?

How is that data translated into a movement or an image?

Does the user have control over the image? If so, how?

What sorts of actions are they are going to be able to take,and how will these actions be organized?

Once they are finished editing the image, how will they be able to save it?

1.  Danny Rozin “Woden Mirror”


2. Benjamin Gaulon “the Paintball” –


* Audio-visualization : Golan Levin’s MIT Thesis Proposal 

* A set of desiderata for the design of audiovisual instruments

  • Instantly knowable, infinitely expressible interfaces.
  • New metaphors relating sound and image : “timeline” metaphors, “control panel” metaphors, and “interactive widget” metaphors
  • Signal representations for gesture.
  • Mappings between input and output that are based on perceptual “primitives”
  • High-bandwidth physical interface
  • Synthesized graphics, synthesized sound

* Generative Art / Dynamic Animation generated by programming
1. Scott Snibbe : Motion Phone

Recently re-developed as an App in iphone!

* Audio/Sound Instrument

1. Daito Manabe

<Nike Music Shoes>

<Face Visualizer. Face Instrument (2008)>


* Gesture / Body / Face Detection 

 1. Daito Manabe : Face Projection

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