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Marina and Lauren

The organic object made of white felt resembles a decaying hybrid of animal and plant. Digital parasites are embedded in its soft surface. Contact with the felted circuits produces distorted sounds of nature. Birds, wind, water, frogs etc. are amplified by the window with mirrored panes of glass. Participants are invited to create a dysmorphic symphony of sounds and experience their own vibrating reflection. Applying more pressure to the points further distorts the audio while strengthening the physical and tactile connection to the object. Contact with the nodes also triggers a projection, moldy decay patterns crawl out from one point and into another, encouraging a playful yet disturbing interaction.


The piece speaks to the way digital interfaces facilitate and intensify our disconnect with the natural world while simultaneously moving towards greater integration into the tangible.6963034-0-large circuitboard2 photo (1) Image converted using ifftoany

subversive kareoke by Maya and Nick

“subversive kareoke”

Physical- red carpet to centered mike on mike stand in front of the projected video
on the white board

Video- lyrics/ words displayed in a horizontal marquee overlaid on still image/
video of stage

Camera somewhere records video of person at mike, shown on screen facing the
room. As speaker starts to talk, video/ audio plays depending on sensory level of
voice. As voice level changes, visuals and supporting audio changes as per speaker.
When spoken word stops, all information generated stops as well, and screen
returns to original stage with marquee of words.


I want to build a holographic immersive environment installation. I
will display the projection using a sheet of rear projection film
mounted to a glass pane. I will create the imagery using the video
performance software CoGe, the game engine Unity 3D, and possibly the
projection mapping program Mad Mapper.

Breathng Box by Ben and Gabe

Ben Line

Gabriel Stallings 

Breathing Box:

Using flexible patterns covered in hard wood, a stepper motor and a depth sensor we will create a box that will breath fasters as a person approaches the box, changing from a solid object into a something in motion.


Possibilities for Change:

-Air bladder that fills, or another type of motor

-Possibility for projection

This is a Tracking Device by Brannon

Brannon Dorsey
Intro to Art and Tech
Final Project proposal

This is a Tracking Device
3 painted steel cubes are left on white sculpture pedestals in the middle of sidewalks in
downtown Chicago. Each cube is painted solid white with the words “this is a tracking
device” written in red lettering. Each cube is 5inX5in in size and welded shut so as to
visually express that there is no opening. Inside each cube is a small GPS tracking device
with a battery life of 3-5 days. Public interaction with the Tracker Cubes is entirely
voluntary although no information other than the aforementioned text is provided on the
cubes themselves. The data from the location of each box is logged every 3 minutes for
the lifespan of each cube. This data will be visualized for the final critique featuring an
interactive map of the locations of the tracking devices.

This work deals with themes of public interaction, temptation, and mystery from the
point of the anonymous strangers who move the cubes. The themes alter towards
surveillance, power, as well as data study and analysis from the point of the artist and

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 11.32.34 PM